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 The Rage quit

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The Rage quit Empty
PostSubject: The Rage quit   The Rage quit EmptySat Jun 22, 2013 8:15 pm

First off a rage quit is not if some one quits a duel

A rage quit is when some one quit because they dont like the state of the game.
Fot example
Your opponent sets 4 cards in his backrow

You use heavy storm on your first turn of the duel

He has no response

So he quits.

ThatsĀ consideredĀ a rage quit

Some people say a rage qui is when some one quits without saying gg

But if they know they lost and just quit the duel
Its not considerd a rage quit because they already lost. When they do that its basically just being a sore loser more then being mad.

Just wanted to straiten things up because everyone says when they quit the duel its a rage and it just annoys me
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The Rage quit
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