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 Karakuri (derp) Ruler

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PostSubject: Karakuri (derp) Ruler   Sun Jun 23, 2013 7:53 am

Well this combo lets you draw lots of cards in a turn and prepare for the sacking of any deck the next turn.

all you need is a lv 2 tuner and two derp drags 

I run krebons because I can use E-Tele to get him out with ease

(the view is going to change my helper who helped A LOT pladoraboy56 takes the pics from here on my camera thing was not working)

Now you overlay to make tomahawk

Use tomahawks eff to get out three lv 6 machine type tokens

Now summon buerido and use his eff to bring out our lv2 karakuri tuner

Now repeat process till you have three buridoes and bring out the lv 3 tuner who changes a monster position when it hits the field, change his and draw three from buridoes eff  

now overlay all three of your shogun ( I am done butchering his name LOL ) into coach and draw three more.

that is pretty much the combo you can from then proceed to do this XD

In one turn you have mega pluses from a few cards and most likely have game after this. Beat that first turn Drackossack! cheerscheerscheers

BTW this is not mine lol I just thought it was a cool combo.
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Karakuri (derp) Ruler
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