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 Quick Draw Quasar Combo

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PostSubject: Quick Draw Quasar Combo   Mon Jun 24, 2013 8:53 am

Sorry For not having Screen shots but here it is:
Requirements: Quickdraw Synchron, Level Eater, Explorer Synchron.

Step 1: Discard Level Eater, Special summon Quickdraw Synchron

Step 2: Place a counter on the Junk Warrior You just summoned

Special summon Eater

Step 3: Summon Explorer synchron use his eff and special summon Quickdraw Synchron

Step 4: Sync Explorer, Quickdraw, and Level eater for Road warrior

Step 4: Use road warriors effect to special summon unknown synchron
from your deck

Step 5: Made road warrior level 7 and special summon level eater

Step 6: Sync Explorer Synchron and Level eater for formula Synchron

Step 7: (Optional) Draw a card from Formula

Step 8: Make Road Warrior level 6 and special summon level Eater

Step 9: Sync your level 4 Junk Warrior, your level 6 road warrior, and your level 2 formula synchron for Shooting Quasar Dragon
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Quick Draw Quasar Combo
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