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 Rules to Yugioh card game

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PostSubject: Rules to Yugioh card game    Sat Jun 15, 2013 10:13 pm

somethings people don't know about the card game so i'm gonna post all the rules i know and please edit it if you see a problem in it and i'm putting in every rule.

can only draw once per turn (unless a card effect allows more draws)

can only normal summon once (unless a card allows you to normal summon another monster)

can special summon a unlimited amount of monsters from your extra deck ex: synchro summoning armory arm then junk archers then finally stardust dragon

level 1-4 monster summons require no tribute to summon

level 5-6 monsters have to have one monster tributed to summon it

level 7-9 need 2 tributes 

level 10 and above need 3 tributes ex: Winged dragon Ra

tokens can't be used as XYZ overlay units

XYZ monsters can't be used as synchro material because their stars are considered as a rank not as a level 

you can't summon monsters in defense the show lied they can only be set 

when you activate a spell, trap, or monster effect over an an opponent's spell, trap, or monster effect that is called a chain and the last chains effect goes first 

When you have more than 6 cards in your hand you must discard a certain amount of cards until you have 6 again
when you activate an optional effect ex: once per turn you can special summon one lv 1-4 monster. it can only be activated during your main phases  

quick play spell cards can be activated during your turn and your opponents turns these are the only spell cards that can do this

traps must be set before they are activated and they can only be activated after the turn they were set
please again if their are any rules i missed please don't hesitate to add them and do vote on the pole

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PostSubject: Re: Rules to Yugioh card game    Sat Jun 15, 2013 10:27 pm

I'm fairly sure, it's for any monster above 7 needs only 2 tributes, unless it's specified in the card effects. Take Tragodia for example, you only need to tribute 2 for him.
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Rules to Yugioh card game
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