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 Guide Lines according to which Teachers are to work

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Guide Lines according to which Teachers are to work Empty
PostSubject: Guide Lines according to which Teachers are to work   Guide Lines according to which Teachers are to work EmptySun Jun 09, 2013 7:41 pm

Hello everyone.

This is for anyone who either is a Teacher or wants to become one. These are the guidelines which, as a Teacher of New Age Dueling Academy, you should follow. If not, the consequences will follow accordingly.

The basic things for a Teacher are to post, in the Classroom, topics about cards, decks, tactics or rulings. There are two different things that are to be posted.

1: An Article.

Articles are basically a full explanation to the topic about which they are written. Examples are an article on Fabled would give you a full description on how to build Fabled, how to use them, what their cards are, and in this case, the rulings on some complicated ones, like The Fabled Unicore. It will be required to be posted as complete as possible, and therefore also require some effort for the Teacher to post these Articles. Since they are large and require said effort, there will only be the requirement of posting a single Article per 2 weeks, per Teacher. So, in 2 weeks time, each Teacher will be required to post an Article.

2: Lessons / Challenges.

A Lesson or a Challenge is a lot more simple to make. It requires the Teacher to post a quick intro on the topic, such as Karakuri, then explain the Archetype or deck, and follow with a Challenge. And example for these challenges are, with said deck, to Summon 3 Burei's in a game, or to fill the field with 5 Synchro's. Since these are easier to make, one per week will be required from each Teacher. It will also be coming with a prize in Points, which will be agreed upon according to how hard the challenge is.

Only people in the Dorms will be able to answer Challenges or perform them, and every Teacher is responsible for his or her own posts. If a Teacher falls inactive without communication as to why, I shall give the person in question 2 weeks time to come back and explain, if not, demotion will follow. If a Teacher does not perform the above mentioned job, then a warning will follow. If that still does not result in the Teacher becoming active, demotion will be the consequence.

I hope this has been informative for everyone, and that it's clear as to how the Teachers will function in this Academy. For any questions, please contact me or a Head Admin.

-Head Teacher-
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Guide Lines according to which Teachers are to work
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